Alexandra Burke posted an apology for the delay of the new single from her upcoming album.

The single was due for release on Monday (12 September) but instead Alexandra posted on her official blog,

Thank you for you patience. I am so so sorry for telling you guys that a single would be serviced to radio this week, that was the plan but weve decided to take a tiny bit more time as some exciting things have come up that we are looking at and RCA want to make sure everything is perfect. So please bare with us

The apology has received mixed responses from fans using Facebook. Some saying it’s a “HUGE LET DOWN”, “annoying”, and “this is getting silly now”, but others have been sympathetic saying

Alexandra can’t be blamed for record company politics

One comment made a point that,

Maybe her fans wouldn’t be gettin so bored if she had released a new album last year instead of fobbin us off wid 3 new songs

Hopefully the “exciting things” which have come up for Alexandra Burke will be enough to win back her fans.