So Solid Crew’s Asher D will be back on our screens this October in a new UK film called Sket, which no doubt is a term he’s quite familiar with.

The film will showcase at the 55th BFI London Film Festival at the end of the month and focuses on girl gangs in East London, as opposed to the usual UK urban films that centre around male on male crime and violence.

These girls, however, are a bit more hardcore than some of the skets you might be used to. They carry guns, instruct group members to rape their boyfriends and undergo ruthless initiation ceremonies. The story revolves around a newcomer to the area who joins the gang in order to avenge her brother, who was left blind after being beaten up by a group of girls.

Ashley plays violent drug dealer and gang leader, Trey and Richie Campbell, aka Tyrone from Anuvahood also makes an appearance which means we’re gonna see some serious muscle on screen!

We’re definitely looking forward to watching this film. What about you guys?