Last night we saw Rebeckah win immunity from eviction, but the celebrations didn’t last long because wining the challenge came with a catch, she had to steal immunity from another challenge winning housemate which happened to be the same guy she invited into her bed, Aden.

The 28-year-old club hostess felt a little guilty so she turned on the waterworks and with a flutter of  her false eyelashes, little Aden ran after his backstabbing bestie to console her.

So from flirting underneath the bedsheets with the 19-year-old to committing the first Big Brother betrayal we’ve seen this series and getting away with it, l think it’s safe to say that Aden is well and truly under the thumb. BIG TIME!

Do you think that Aden is being played at his own game or did Rebeckah genuinely feel guilty? Share your thoughts.