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Big Brother contestants Rebeckah and Heaven clashed heads last night after Rebeckah made a joke about an argument they had on Sunday. But Heaven clearly didn’t see the funny side and had a go at Rebeckah for not taking their previous argument seriously.

At first it looked like the two were sorting out their disagreement calmly but surprise surprise a row soon broke out when whiny Rebeckah insisted that Heaven needed to chill out about the whole situation.

The two wannabe celebs then continued to argue about shoes and other unimportant things which ended in Heaven ignoring Rebckah as the blonde hostess called Heaven an actress, not a woman. Which makes no sense to us at all.

Seems like the Big Brother house has turned into a primary school playground.

Do you agree with Rebeckah and think that Heaven should let it go? Watch the clip above and tell us what you think.