Big Brother UK on Channel 5 - BBUK Housemates

So Big Brother has started AGAIN and guess what? We are loving it already!

Forget Pamela Anderson’s surprise inclusion in the Channel 5 Big Brother house, we have a woman called Heaven Africa, privately educated Peckham/Croydon fake gangster bad boy Anton Murphy, self confessed ladies man Aden Theoblad and get this, Pappzd’s favourite pin up Tashie Jackson is in there too!

21-year-old Tashie Jackson already found fame as the official brand ambassador for Apple Bottom Jeans. The sexy model and actress is already predicting her eviction but we’re hoping it wont be too soon. Pappzd has been following Tashie for some time, and we have a lot of articles about Tashie Jackson

30-year-old ‘holistic healer’ Heaven Africa has already said that she hates fake hair, fake nails and fake tan, so being stuck in a house with 3 models and Pamela Anderson might get a little heated. Especially the minger from Newcastle.

23-year-old Anton Murphy is a music producer from Peckham (no, sorry that was Croydon… actually no – it was private school) who believes that he just has to approach girls and they fall for his humour and good looks. He thinks he’s the Fresh Prince of Peckham. We’ll see about that

18-year-old Aden is a self confessed lady’s man and we think he’s gonna be quite popular in the house. We’ve already taken a liking to him and we guess that the rest of England will too.

Bring on the pouting, the name dropping, late night pool antics and all the bitching. Big Brother has been Pimped! And Pappzd is sharpening our pencil.

What do you think of the new contestants?