It appears that Skepta’s groupies will stop at nothing to speak to him, even if it means going through the whole of the Boy Better Know collective first.

But don’t think they’re not on to you girls. Jammer aired his rage earlier on Twitter today by tweeting

It seems that the rapper has had enough of the thirsty ladies and has given them a public warning to put an end to their behaviour. We don’t blame him!

With Skepta’s success soaring, it’s no wonder more and more girls are trying to get into his underwear and getting close to his mates seems to be an easy way in.

Well you haven’t pulled the wool over Jammer’s eyes, nor have you fooled Stutta, the East London MC, who Jammer tweeted saying

Looks like the BBK boys are going in on these groupies so if you want to snuggle up to Skepta, we suggest you don’t go through them.