UK rapper Chipmunk may be getting dropped from his record label in order to cut costs after a re-shuffling of management at Sony.

Jive and RCA (two labels under the Sony empire) are facing cut backs and with bosses Charlie Lycett and Nick Burgess now gone, Sony has appointed seasoned executive Nick Gatfield to head the UK arm of the company. A source told The Sun newspaper

It’s all change at Sony. Current Jive artists are the ones who will be worried, with new A&R staff set to arrive. Acts like Six D and Chipmunk haven’t had huge success recently and it’s possible they’ll be axed as the label tries to cut costs.

Rumours of Chipmunk being dropped surfaced earlier this year and the Take Off rapper even admitted that he wasn’t happy with his management because they didn’t believe in him. Apparently the 20-year-old star produces more expense than income, with his Chris Brown feature costing Sony an alleged £90,000.

What could this mean for Chipmunk? After working with some of the top US artists and going extra hard on the promotion of his album Transition, this must feel like a slap in the face.

Do you think Chipmunk should be dropped?