Just when we thought we may have lost Chipmunk to the Yanks, he will be releasing a new mixtape for his fans this week, titled CMAR: Spazzz.com

On Thursday Chip is set to drop some free music which will feature some of his fellow artists: Skepta, Sneakbo, Tinie Tempah and Wretch 32. The track list includes remixes of recent bangers John by Lil Wayne, Hustle Hard by Ace Hood and Moment for Life by Nicki Minaj.

You may have already seen Chipmunk and Wretch 32 take on one of the most popular beats right now, off Kanye and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne. Their Otis remix may not see them jumping all over each other and destroying a Maybach like Yeezy and Jay, but it still shows that the our MCs have talent and flair. Mavado also brings some reggae flavour to the project with the Starboy remix.

It’s good to see Chipmunk remaining loyal to his UK roots, despite recording with big names across the Atlantic. We reckon CMAR: Spazzz.com looks like it could have more skill and better tunes than Tinie’s Foreign Object mixtape, which was released earlier this year. And Chip didn’t even need DJ Whoo Kid.

This will definitely be worth a download. Will you be getting it?