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Tonight’s X Factor saw Chrissie Pitt from Newcastle make the decision to ditch her bandmates and go solo in order to go through to the next stage of the competition.

The 26-year-old  trainee dentist technician came on as the lead singer of girl band Twisted but when the group took to the stage with their own take on Adele’s Someone Like You, it was clear the other girls weren’t so much backing signers as background noise. This led to them getting three big fat No’s.

In true OTT X Factor style, Kelly Rowland stormed back stage to get Chrissie to audition as a solo act, giving her some home truths

 You don’t need them.You’re a stand-alone singer. You have such a good, powerful and melodic voice.

So Chrissie did just that. And sure enough she got through. But you need to see the looks on the other girls faces. It was clear that behind the fake smiles, really they were thinking ‘what a BITCH!’

Now here’s the thing. Watch the video above carefully. Especially from 30 seconds in. Chrissie auditioned as a solo act last year and didn’t get through, so she joined Twisted. Now X Factor say she should be a solo act?? But listen to what she says at 42 seconds!? Oh dear

So was Chrissie right to turn her back on the friends that picked her up when she fell off to now chase her dream without them? You decide

Note: If the video doesn’t play, you can view it directly on YouTube