N-Dubz frontman Dappy  reportedly bought his long time girlfriend Kaye Vassell an eternity ring to declare his everlasting love.

Kaye, Dappy’s baby mama, has had to play a lover and a fighter in her relationship with Dappy after many accusations surrounding him having flings with the likes of Tulisa’s best friend, singer NY as well as model Cassie Johnson.

A love struck Dappy said .

I love her [Kaye] to death. I’ve been naughty in the past, I’ve been naughty and done silly things. I’ve made my mistakes but now I’m going to do my utmost to be faithful.

As if Dappy’s strange enlightenment wasn’t enough to shock us, he even had some relationship advice to give.

Don’t take me narrow-minded, but good, very strong love-making and intercourse with another person will keep you there for a long time. I believe that. When you have good sex with someone, you will end up loving them because you will adore what they do to your body and how they pleasure you.

We guess it’s safe to say from this revelation that Kaye’s sex game is on point. But erm… we’re not sure if that’s how it really works Dappy, leave the chav relationship counselling to Jeremy Kyle.

Do you think Dappy will be able to keep his trouser snake in check and be faithful? And is sex really the key to a steady relationship? Share your thoughts.