Dappy has launched his solo career with a confession of contemplating suicide in an interview with Heat magazine. He told Heat,

“I was so low about a year ago, that I thought about ending it all.”

Looks like everything piled on to him at once as,

“All of a sudden, I’m by myself, my dad’s dead, my mum’s devastated, my older brother’s got his own problems and suddenly I’m the man of the house.”

“I pay their bills and look after them, as well as having a girlfriend and kids of my own. It just all got too much and I was feeling very lonely.”

That’s just the family. Work and play seem to be pushing him to the edge too,

“It’s promo, promo, work, back home. promo, promo, work, back in your hole. It’s very limiting.”

“If I go to a club, I’m in the paper the next day for doing something naughty. So I can’t go out or be myself. I just felt really depressed.”

Is the N-Dubz split a result of his depression? Or is the solo career his way of breaking free and finally be himself?