Ghetts recently caused a stir on the grime side of the Twittersphere after apparently agreeing to record a song with Cher Lloyd, despite being offered 10k to stay true to his grime roots.

MC Jammer who created Lord of the Mics (which is a collection of clashes between the hottest MC’s) offered Ghetts £10,000 to battle once again for part 3 but the east London rapper declined.

Jammer didn’t take to well to Ghetts’ decision and decided to take his frustration out via Twitter. He did not hold back on his opinion and even suggested that Ghetts had committed the worst underground crime. No, not snitching, but selling out.

We respect Ghetts trying to go mainstream but we just hope his track with Cher Lloyd is a hit, because if it’s anything like the ear bleeding single Swagger Jagger, Jammer may just get the last laugh.

What do you think? Is he a sell out? Or do you respect his hustle?