Pinch, Punch It’s September! Let’s try and forget about the non-existent summer, cut our losses and move onto fall fashion.

We are starting off the season with something we have seen around on the high-street throughout the summer- the loafer, which is still making its presence known on the autumn/winter catwalks.

Loafers make a chic and preppy addition to your wardrobe, and add a nostalgic edge to any outfit. There are so many varieties of loafer available, so don’t feel restricted to the boring old browns and neutral tones. Whether you go for a tasseled pair as seen at Alexander Wang or a heeled pair full of colour inspired by Tommy Hilfiger, try out the preppy look and slip into a pair of loafers.

Dress To Impress:

Wear your loafers with rolled up chinos or jeans for a relaxed, off duty look. Or stand out with some spiked loafers like Tinie Tempah.

Hot Mess:

Try not to look like you’ve been playing dress up in your Granddad’s wardrobe.

Will you be buying yourself a pair this autumn?