Former West Ham player, Savio Nsereko is being hunted by Interpol after being reported as missing by his family. The Ugandan born footballer who spent £14,000 in a single week in casino’s and strip clubs is believed to have left Italy for England.

The Sun reported how cab driver, Amir Ali had been driving the ‘fugitive’ around Liverpool for the past week and after a £14,000 splurge Nsereko borrowed a further £400 from him. Nsereko apparently even showed Ali his £130,000 available funds at a cash machine. The footballer then avoided Ali, even checking out of his hotel without letting him know.

This is not the first time Nsereko has gone missing. He also went missing for a week while on loan at a German second division side last season, leading to the termination of his loan agreement. He was later found at his sister’s home.

Never mind the football club, Interpol, the Nsereko family, or the fans… the real victim here is the £400 down cab driver