Jade Thompson was crowned the winner of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model last night, beating Lithuanian born Juste Juozapaityte.

The freckled-face 20-year-old, who won a 6-page spread on the cover of Company magazine, was in shock as she talked about how she was always bullied for her looks

I looked unusual, I was skinny. Everybody teased me… They called me freckle-face and ginger nut. People used to stop and stare at me in the street, or point at me.

Didn’t pretty much every winner of these Top Model shows get bullied? But runner-up Juste was not satisfied with the results and felt like she was cheated because she wasn’t British.

I think they could not have a non-British girl win the competition… After the show, Elle came up to me and said she was my biggest supporter on the panel But it’s not fair to treat me like that – if they thought I was the best, then why didn’t they give me the prize?  Jade has a different look – everybody liked her because she was so unique… She’s more commercial

Sounds like the talk of a hater to me.

With Ed Sheeran’s album going No.1 and Jade Thompson winning Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model it seems like the year of the red heads has well and truly begun.

What do you think? Did Jade deserve to win?