So last night we sadly watched Jessica Abidde become the latest model to get the boot on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top model. Much to our disappointment, Jessica failed to impress the judges even though she had previously won the cheerleading task and acting telenova challenge.

Now, getting negative feedback from the judging panel is tough but getting negative feedback from guest judge Tyson ‘why-am-I-so-hot’ Beckford would reduce any right minded woman to tears. The American model told Jessica that her picture was more like ‘modelling 101’ and less top model. Knock a woman when she’s down Ty!

The 23-year-old admitted to Digital Spy that she didn’t see the elimination coming.

I was really, really shocked to be eliminated like that. I wouldn’t say it was completely unexpected because seeing my photo I kind of thought it’s kind of late to be having a weak photo, but at the same time I really hoped they’d consider my performance in the past and the two challenges I’d won.

Even though Jessica didn’t win the show she will always be remembered by that picture, you know the one I’m talking about *holds pose*