Now don’t get us wrong, we understand that Katy B has a unique sense of style and our love for her music makes her even more endearing in our eyes, but we just couldn’t let this one slide…

Now, where do we begin? Whilst it’s true that prints are back, this dress completely takes over Katy’s slight frame and she’s no longer wearing the dress, it’s wearing her.

It’s always a good idea to team a black and white dress with colourful accessories but when you know you’re going to be snapped on a red carpet, would you wear clashing shoes? Those deep orange patent pumps are an eyesore on the bright red carpet.

And then the pink bag, yes it’s D&G but no, it doesn’t look good. It looks childish and out of place at such a prestigious event, and what does she have to carry anyway?

All in all, we are not fans of this one, but what do you think?