Kojo graced the people hanging about Trafalgar Square today by putting on quite a show. But he wasn’t performing any stand up. Instead the comedian had been dared by Jamelia, his co-presenter on Choice FM Breakfast, to run around the square topless.

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The reason for this forfeit was that Kojo had arrived two hours late to the show this morning, leaving Jamelia to present on her own. His excuse being that he “went on a mad one last night.” Well this seems only fair then.

In addition to being topless he was made to wear a blonde wig and sing Jamelia’s hit song ‘Superstar’.

What makes the spectacle even more entertaining is the two traffic wardens that tell him off and move him to a supposedly more streaker friendly area of the square where he can continue. We didn’t realise traffic wardens had those respobsibilities.

Bravo Kojo. Bravo.