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It was revealed today that 19-year-old actor and part time womaniser, Lucien Laviscount had a secret romp with current Big Brother contestant Louise Cliffe. Apparently the two got it on after a drunken night out in their home town of Manchester before he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

And there we were getting our wedding hats ready for Lucien and cradle snatcher Kerry Katonna’s wedding! Friends of Lucien told the Daily Star

Lucien and Louise are a hot couple. He couldn’t get enough of her…Who wouldn’t? She’s hot. He’s been watching her in the house and he wants to hook up with her when she gets out. He’s infatuated with her.

More like obsessed. Do you think that their romance will continue after Big Brother? Or is this just another chick on Lucien’s bucket list. Share your thoughts?