Bad boy Mario Balotelli is going to be questioned by the police later on this month for being given a tour by the Mafia in Scampia, Naples.

The Manchester City striker claimed that he didn’t realise he was being shown around the the area by two Mafia members.

The two dons showed the 20-year-old the area, which was used as a backdrop in Italian crime film Gomorrah. For many years the area had been home to drug turf wars between gangs, though by the looks of it Balotelli doesn’t see how hanging out with the Mafia is a big deal. He told friends

 There is nothing to worry about. I am calm…. I had no idea who the people were showing me around. I just wanted to see what it was like as I had seen it in Gomorrah.

Aww poor little Mario just wanted to see what it looked like in real life. Let’s hope they took the scenic route just for him.

Do you think it was all innocent, or is there something Balotelli isn’t telling us? Share your thoughts