Mc Harvey revealed in a recent interview how fans booed him as he performed on stage due to bad press he received during his cheating days.

It was funny like when I went on stage last night 2000 people, 1500 cheering, 500 are booing- all girls. By the end of the show they’re all cheering again… fans are fickle… pick up the papers and believe what they read, that’s Britain for you.

Harvey and Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon split up in 2006 after he was found to be having an affair with his then West End co-star Javine Hylton – the pair were allegedly caught in bed together. People never forget Harvey!

The former So Solid star then went on to say that he basically doesn’t give two shits about Alesha, Javine or any woman for a matter of fact! All he cares about is his beautiful daughter.

The biggest bonus I take out of it [the cheating] I got a beautiful daughter, I only give a damn about that… women aint at the forefront of my life no more

Sorry ladies! Do you think it’s about time Harvey was forgiven for his sins? Share your thoughts.