As if N-Dubz’s front man Dappy hadn’t done enough ridiculous things in his life, paying someone to ask for his autograph must be the lowest of all lows.

Dappy admitted to paying for someone to pose as a fan and ask for his autograph so he could feel like a celeb. The 24-year-old rapper said

When I was 15 I used to walk around with a pen in my pocket hoping that people would think I was famous and ask me for my autograph. My long-term girlfriend from Greece came over to England and I paid someone a fiver to ask me for my autograph. She was like: “Wow!” I felt so good! Ha ha, I can’t believe I did that.

Lads, please don’t get any ideas, girls won’t fall for it anymore and you’ll just end up looking lame.

Sorry Dappy but we can’t let this one slide. Epic Fail.