The princess and the wrestler: Rebeckah Vaughan and Faye Palmer couldn't have looked more differentBig Brother launched last night and just like everybody else we were surprised at how many hot girls entered the house. Now you would think everyone would be looking their best, but just as we expected there’s always one who gets it wrong.

Rebeckah Vaughan’s outfit took us back to a special place. Childhood, when every day was dress-up day, trying on mummy’s shoes, going to the fancy dress shop and trying on wigs, jewelry and princess costumes. But then we grew up. It looks like new housemate Rebeckah didn’t get the memo.

We aren’t sure if we would want the first impression of us to be in this outfit. Whilst it is pretty, it’s just a bit surreal to see a 28-year-old woman looking so marshmellowy. Especially when teamed with claw-like black nails and jet black platforms.

What do you think? What were your first impressions as Rebeckah Vaughan walked down the runway?