Evidently Rihanna has a thing for men who can throw a good punch as she was spotted flirting on set of her new video We Found Love with British boxer Dudley O’Shaughnessy.

A source said the American star couldn’t resist Dudley, smiling and winking at him and even teasing him with a peek at her cleavage. The 21-year-old was lucky enough to have a front row seat at Rihanna’s strip show with word getting out that she did indeed flash her chest on the shoot.

A source on the set said

 Rihanna was making no secret that she fancied the pants off Dudley. They hit it off straight away. Rihanna took every opportunity to get close to him and at one point she was sitting in his lap during a break from filming…. Dudley was giggling like a schoolboy when she had to shoot a scene in a see-through top. She was teasing him with a peek at her cleavage and winking at him.

The amateur boxing champ had dedicated his life to boxing in a bid to join Team GB for the 2012 Olympics before being spotted by a model scout in a London tube station 2 years ago, and now it looks like he’s on the road to becoming Rihanna’s bed friend.

Check out the pics of Dudley below, do you think the two would make a good couple? Or should Rihanna leave our English boys alone?