Samantha Mumba’s fiancé was caught cheating with curvy Desiree Cortez in California this week.

Mumba was planning to marry American police officer Torray Scales in February next year, but we reckon that won’t be happening after she sees the snaps that show him locking lips with Desiree.

And we’re pretty sure the 23-year-old Cortez, who is a nurse, is a bit more than a side chick as she stated that Scales is her ‘boyfriend’ and is understood to have been seeing him for the past two years.

Irish star, Mumba, met the police officer in a Hollywood nightclub in 2007, and even got a tattoo in a private area in honour of him. However the relationship didn’t start well as Scales’s former wife, Amber Bell-Scales, claimed she was still in a relationship with him. Scales denied these claims at the time, but we doubt he’ll be able to deny his affair this time.

Poor Mumba, we hope she kept a receipt for her wedding dress!