Aden Theobald got into bed with Spearmint Rhino hostess Rebeckah Vaughn in last night’s episode of Big Brother. The Enfield student seduced Vaughn by rubbing her feet and she seemed to be under his spell almost immediately, inviting the 18-year-old into bed with her!

The pair engaged in some cheesy flirting after Louise asked if they should turn off the light. Aden said he didn’t want Rebeckah to fall asleep, to which she questioned, ‘Will you miss me?’

Aden then responded: ‘You’ll only be two steps away but I’ll miss you every step.’


Rebeckah then asked Aden, who is ten years her junior, if he wanted to ‘stay here [her bed] for a little while’ and before we knew it he was under those covers, arms around her looking like a newly-wed couple.

Is this the beginnings of the first Big Brother romance? Share your thoughts.