Hold on to your hats haters, you’re going to be mad at this one. Shardinay King, aka the pop singer whose debut track was dubbed the “worst release of the 21st century” could become the next face of MTV it emerged yesterday.

The Essex girl has been tipped to co-present the online hit series The Freshers. According to an insider at mtv.co.uk she was earmarked for the £30K-a-year role because of her “utterly and brilliantly annoying” personality.

The show’s producer and presenter Tom Thurlow refused to comment on the rumour, but said
I can confirm that we are currently looking for minor celebrities to play a part in future series of The Freshers. I am not at liberty to discuss names at this stage.
It seems like there’s no stopping Miss King. Just a few months ago she was offered a £10K deal by a major publishing house for her “insightful” autobiography, and had released her second single You Baby. Now Shardinay’s lifelong dream of “becoming a pop sensation” may be in the pipeline.
Shardinay, who lives in Ilford, said
It’s still early days, but I’m pleased to say that MTV.co.uk have been in contact about presenting The Freshers. I’m not really allowed to talk about it, and I’m not 100% sure that I should have revealed the name of the series either.
We know some of you must have the ultimate side fever right now, but all we can say is Oh Boy! and Congratulations!