The Sugababes are on their way to winning an award for most unsuccessful single of the year as their record label have finally come to terms that their latest single Freedom is unlikely to chart. Ever!

Their management and label have decided to release the Sugababes comeback single Freedom as a free download due to poor reception of the song. This week the pre-order link was pulled from iTunes after the song received little airplay from major radio stations.

The girls claim the song is being giving away as a freebie to say ‘thank you to fans’ which raises the question: What fans? We think they should be asking these ‘fans’ for an explanation not saying thank you for not buying our album and making us look like the worst girl band in England!

Earlier this year the Sugababes left their record label of ten years, Island Records, for a new three-album record deal with Sony Music’s RCA Records – who we’re sure are regretting that deal now. Sony RCA will be able to pull out of their contract if initial singles don’t chart, which will be the case with Freedom now that it’s free.

Fans better start pulling down their Sugababes posters now, because the end is clearly nigh.

What do you think? Is it time the Sugababes called it a day?