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Let’s face it, when it comes to video models there seems to be a serious drought of talent in the UK. With the exception of some hotties, the competition in comparison with the US urban model industry is non existent. In walks Tabby Brown.

Standing at a height of 5ft 7, Tabby has a body and face to die for. Unlike a lot of models, her resume exceeds the basic 2011 model qualification as Twitter model, Facebook model, YouTube model, standing-against-a-white-background-so-I-guess-I’m-a-model stereotype.

From featuring in Romeo Must Die 2, to becoming the first UK model to ever play a lead role in an American artist video (B.O.B.’s Magic) and now starring in the new Bachelor on channel 5,Tabby’s done it all.

But don’t take our word for it- check out her hot pictures in the gallery below and in B.OB.’s video above.

Is this the UK’s hottest urban model? Or can you name someone better?