It was all tears at Pappzd HQ when Tashie Jackson became the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

The crowd booed every time her name was mentioned by host Brian Dowling as the multilingual belly dancer announced to other housemates that she was in shock and didn’t understand why they were booing her.

Later during Tashie’s post eviction interview with Brian, she said

I am full of a lot of emotion right now, I thought as long I was just myself I would do well in the house.

And speaking about the booing, she went on to say

It’s the most horrible thing that you could ever feel. You feel like the world’s against you. But at the same time you hear the nice things so you try to focus on those

Well, even though your stay in the Big Brother house was only short-lived, we’re still proud of ya Tashie!

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