Three teenage girls were taken to hospital yesterday after a suspected drive-by shooting in North Kensington.

Jessica Chrichlow, 18 and sisters Alex, 19, and Sammy, 17 were in a garden in Mozart Estate when a gunman opened fire, injuring Chrichlow in the neck and chin. She was holding her baby at the time, but the 11-month-old child was uninjured.

The two sisters are in hospital with minor injuries whilst Chrichlow is having emergency surgery today. Eyewitness Riadh Boujaama, 46, who lives on the second floor flat overlooking the scene, said

Some boys came by on a bicycle, one of them was in the seat and the other was on the handlebars. They had their faces covered so I couldn’t see what they looked like.  One of them jumped off and they had an old gun in their hand, like a shotgun. There were maybe eight girls and 15 or 16 boys outside the flats with bikes, it was like a party.  The two boys with the gun shouted ‘motherf***r’ and fired one shot. It came out like fire, it was a huge bang. Everyone was so scared and jumped.  The boys ran off and everyone scattered. I saw one of the group jump and one of them fell on the floor.

Detectives are investigating whether the teenagers are the latest victims of tensions between postcode gangs in the area.