Tinchy Stryder has announced that his latest single Off The Record will be a collaboration with dance music sensation Calvin Harris.

He produced the track for the 24-year-old rapper despite their previous differences. In 2009 Harris was reported saying that he had deleted Tinchy from his friends list on twitter. The East London star was apparently tweeting too much daft ‘text talk’, with poor grammar and misspelt words, which Harris claimed to be ‘affecting his brain’.

Since then the pair seem to have squashed the beef and are getting along once more. Tinchy likes to think of their brief fall out as ‘banter’. However, their collaboration was kept strictly online, with neither artist meeting up to record together or even talking on the phone to one another.

Tinchy told the Daily Star

He sent me the tracks over and I picked the one I liked. I brought what I brought and we met halfway over it. We spent more time talking through emails than we actually spoke. Calvin is a very online guy

Could this mean that Harris still doesn’t have time for Tinchy? It sounds to us like the Ready For The Weekend singer could be keeping the rapper at arms length. Maybe he fears that Tinchy Stryder talks even worse than he tweets.

Although this ‘friendship’ doesn’t seem too believable, we’re sure that Off The Record will be worth a listen or two.

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