Tinie Tempah’s back to his playboy antics again surprising us with an unexpected collection.

Whilst we’d have expected him to have all his MOBO’s, Brit’s and other awards neatly displayed in a trophy cabinet, it seems the Pass Out rapper would rather leave them in a box and pay more attention to his collection of page 3 models from various editions of The Sun newspaper.

Whilst taking time off from recording his second album Tinie did some spring cleaning. After clearing up his flat he admitted

I’m never there and it’s dusty as hell. Half the stuff is The Sun newspapers. I’ve kept so many because of the Page 3 girls that I’ve fancied.

It’s all good if Tinie likes to admire the odd page 3 model in his spare time, we just hope he cleaned up the cobwebs that might have ended up on the papers, if you know what we mean.