It’s been rumoured that Tulisa and Fazer are finally coming out as a couple despite the two dismissing claims about their relationship in the past.

The two were spotted coming back from a friend’s wedding in Ireland which got everyone gossiping about their real status. A source told Heat magazine how having a public relationship would be harder now that Tulisa is a judge on the X Factor.

They’ve kept it a secret for so long but they can’t hide it forever. People are making their own conclusions and Fazer’s not discreet…Tulisa wants to make sure that they handle it professionally and continue not to talk about their relationship… It’s tough to know what to say and do. The judges’ relationships have to play second fiddle. Their personal lives can’t overtake their work on the show.

After she tweeted about cooking for a mystery boyfriend back in August, the 23-year-old singer was quick to slam tweets from her followers suggesting she was talking about Fazer.

So are they on or off? Maybe the Fazer rumours are turning out to be a good decoy from revealing the real man in question. What do you guys think?