Simon Cowell is reportedly stirring things up between X Factor judges Tulisa Constavalos and Kelly Rowland  in a bid to spice things up on the panel. Apparently the music mogul is bored of the sweet girlie friendship the two judges seem to have on the show and is determined to end the niceness between them before the live shows begin.

A source told New Magazine about what Simon had been up to in order to cause tension on the panel

Simon loved the stories about how Cheryl and Dannii didn’t get on. He thought it added to the spark of the show… He thinks Kelly and Tulisa are great but they’re too friendly and he wants a bit of tension between them…. He keeps texting Kelly and Tulisa separately and reminding them that they’d better win and that they have to be successful.

If things do get heated we’re sure Tulisa will show Kelly who’s boss. Well if you’re going to tattoo it on your arm, you’ve got to live up to it right?