X Factor’s feistiest judge Tulisa was caught up lately in a Twitter fuelled row with her cousin Dappy’s girlfriend Kaye Vassell.

A number of tweets coming from Dappy’s account sparked rumours that he and his bandmate may have fallen out, but according to Tulisa, they were in fact sent by Kaye.

Tulisa took to her twitter on Monday to reassure her N-Dublets that Dappy was not behind the tweets and that she and her cousin are fine, even posting a picture of them together, plus Fazer, posing in typical N-Dubz style.

me n my cuz r fine! at my house as we speak eating pesto pasta,we wont let any1 cum between family, dont believe me check the pick! x

However, refusing to let it go, Kaye responded by telling her followers that the some of the tweets were in fact from Dappy,

Only A percentage of the tweets on @TheDappy are From me, a LARGE MAJORITY Come From Dap Himself. Sorry to Burst Your Little Bubble Guys….T Needs To Sit Down and Think WHY She’s P*****

Dappy has opted to stay out of this, saying that he has love for them both and is not getting involved.

I’ll Say From Now I’m Not Getting Involved in Kaye and My Cousins Problems. I See if From Both Sides. I Know the Truth. #NoRegrets

Wise move Dappy, we don’t want you to get in the way of a girl fight.

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