X Factor judge Tulisa has been put in charge of the groups this year and is proving to be a tough mentor.

It has been reported that inbetween auditions and rehearsals on the Greek Island of Mykonos, members of various groups have been getting a bit frisky, which has not not gone down well with the X Factor judge.

She angrily stated

If they’re just mucking about, just for fun to have a s**t when they should be rehearsing then I’m not into that at all.

The N-Dubz star even made sure that her villa was located higher than the others so that she could spy on contestants and keep an eye on which of them were rehearsing and which of them were just messing around.

Apparently two members of a mixed group were caught red handed as well as four members from other groups. Tulisa has axed the horny hopefuls, as she wants her acts to be dedicated and take the show seriously.

We’re right behind you T. Maybe they should be dropped off in Zante if they’re just looking for a party. This isn’t the Freak Factor.