Victoria Beckford

Siobhan Vaughan

Victoria Beckford and Siobhan Vaughan were convicted for forcing a 16-year-old girl to strip before taking pictures of her and posting them on their Facebook profile pages because the girl owed them £50.

During the ordeal the girl was locked in a cupboard, punched and whipped with a leather belt and was then taken to Crystal Palace park in South London where she was made to entirely strip herself naked in front of a camera for 27-year-old Victoria Beckford who told her

This should teach you a lesson.

Judge Usha Karu said:

A vulnerable 16-year-old girl was subjected by each of you to a terrifying ordeal which culminated in her humiliation and degradation.

It emerged that the female victim attempted to commit suicide two days after she was attacked. Both Vaughan and Beckford were sentenced for four years in jail alongside fellow gang members, 19-year-old Daniello Johnson and Antonio Williams. Fifth convicted was 24-year-old Sian Roberts who was sent down for two and a half years for the assault which took place on August 14th last year.

Antonio Williams


Daniello Johnson