Fazer may have been caught red handed with a spliff at Dappy’s No.1 party last Sunday. A photographer snapped the rapper with his X Factor judge girlfriend Tulisa holding what looked like a spliff.

The 24-year-old’s publicists were unavailable to comment regarding the roll-up, but if it does turn out to be drugs, it will prove rather embarrassing for Tulisa who is trying to recreate herself as a role model. And having a weed-smoking boyfriend isn’t very Mother Teresa like.

But Fazer isn’t the only member of the band who’s been involved with drugs, his band mate Dappy was caught sniffing the deadly drug Meow Meow last year and Tulisa revealed that she took drugs when she was younger.

Then again it could just be rolling tobacco, let’s not jump too conclusions to quickly eh?

What do you think? Has Fazer got himself in trouble?