So Tim Westwood announced today that he is looking for an intern. Hopefuls have been given until 7pm on Friday to apply and convince the veteran 1xtra DJ that they have what it takes.

‘Have you got enough swagger to be Westwood’s Intern? Think you’ve got what it takes to help him in the studio? Then fill in this form!’ says the BBC 1xtra website. Swagger? Westwood? Really?

The application requires you to explain in 150 words or less “why you would make Westwood’s life easier in the studio.” This sounds more to us like Tim is looking for his own personal servant rather than an intern.

We predict key responsibilities are likely to be: researching the urban dictionary on a daily basis to enhance the Big Dawg’s vocabulary, replacing parts of the studio that he smashes up when he gets overexcited, and ironing his shirts.

However, you can’t deny it would be quite a memorable internship to have. We wouldn’t say no. What about you guys?