So did everyone catch last night’s eardrum killing performance by girl band Angel on the X Factor? Well the girls won’t be remembered for their painful cover of Willow Smith’s whip My Hair but more for their cocky band mate Vanessa’s run in with Judge Tulisa after she told the girls that their high energy and dancing was masking the fact that they really couldn’t sing. OUCH!

Vanessa hit back with.

Umm, it’s a bit rich coming from you but…

Then came Kelly who defended Tulisa or should we say ranted

Can I just say one thing, coming from a female group that always talks about how women should come together and they shouldn’t be bitchy towards one another, I understand that you have an opinion, but at the same time, you came here for us to judge you and there was no reason for you to come back at her like that, and I can tell that these two don’t appreciate the fact that you did that, because what if you just messed up their chances for an opportunity, they are the group!

That didn’t stop Vanessa who continued her attack against the N-Dubz star backstage saying

I think that was her being bitchy, I was just doing the same back its just one of those things, that’s how I am, but I was about ready to punch her in the face if I’m perfectly honest.

Sure Vanessa. Sure. What did you make of Angel’s audition?