X Factor has been ruthless with its hopefuls so far this year and has had to let another one go due to previous criminal charges.

Sian Philips, a 24-year-old from Liverpool, has been forced to leave the show after producers found out about her not-so-innocent past. Two years ago Sian served 10 days in prison after getting into a fight on a night out and has therefore been unable to obtain a US visa.

Sian told The Mirror

I’d just lost my home and come out of a long-term relationship and I went a bit off the rails. I got really drunk on a night out in Liverpool, had a fight and ended up being arrested and charged.

This conviction made the process of getting a US visa much longer than the X Factor producers had time for, thus resulting in her being kicked out.

This news is unfortunate as this week viewers will see Sian celebrate making it through Boot Camp and to the judges houses stage of the competition. However, now the show is being re-edited so that the aspiring artist is hardly seen. A source has said that she is effectively being ‘airbrushed’ out.

What do you think, was X Factor right to drop Sian?