In this weekend’s X Factor boy-band The Keys get booted off the show by their mentor Tulisa. Her decision sparked rumours that the 23-year-old star axed the boys because they were too posh!

The 24-year-old lads who became instant favourites with the judges at the arena auditions, all went to a £13,794 a year school and were sure that their privileged background was the reason why they failed to win over Tulisa. A source said

She gave them the impression she saw them as toffs trying to be street rappers… The Keys are convinced that’s why Tulisa didn’t pick them… It smacked to them of a decision based on a difference in their social backgrounds rather than their ability to sing.

We all know you won’t find the ‘female boss’ playing Croquet or sipping Pimms on her days off, but is this the real reason the boys didn’t cut it? Share your thoughts.