With all the hot urban talent at the 2011 Screen Nation Awards it might have been easy to miss pint sized actor Adam Deacon and his co star Femi Oyeniran, but Pappzd couldn’t ignore how fresh these two looked, all suited and booted. But who suited up the best?

Adam Deacon, Letitiah Obiri of Pappzd, and Femi Oyeniran at the Screen Nation Awards

Adam goes for a fresh black dinner jacket (or tuxedo if you speak Yank) with satin lapels and a crisp white shirt, and Femi mixes it up with a grey number and navy waistcoat.

It’s a close one, let’s let the ties each man is wearing decide it for us. Adam’s cute little bow tie wins us over, especially as I’m afraid Femi’s looks like it’s been borrowed from his dad.

And the winner is: Adam Deacon