Ashley Cole, every woman’s Mr. Right (ahem!),  has reportedly asked Playboy model Melissa Howe to move into his bachelor pad after just four dates.

But of course Mr. Cole has standards, so he auditioned Melissa and her sister in his mansion to make sure he made the right decision on which sister he would date and eventually move in. What a charmer.

The model who was ‘taken back’ by Ashley’s  Mr Darcy-esque ways told The People

I told him he’d have to wait a little while and he took it quite well. We haven’t even had sex yet. We’ve done other intimate things, but not everything. I don’t want him to think I’m one of those girls who just jumps into bed. And it’s a bit too soon to be moving in, to be honest.

Well that’s very grown up of you Melissa, pat yourself on the back *rolls eyes*.

What do you make of Ashley’s fast track auditioning process?