Ashely Cole has allegedly said that he does not want to have kids with Cheryl Cole. This is apparently due to the fact that Cheryl refuses to publicly announce their reconciliation.

A source told Now Magazine

They had an emotional conversation last week when Ashley told her that even if they were to get back together properly, he’s not sure that he wants kids. She told him that was the cruellest punishment he could’ve thought of as that is all she’s been holding out for. She thinks this is just a ploy to get what he wants – which is for them to go public.

Ashley knows this is the worst thing he can say to her as he promised her a family and stability and now he’s ripped it away from her. She’s told him what he’s done is worse than when he cheated on her.

Well Ashley after you’ve cheated on a woman about 1000 times do you really expect her to run around telling the world that she’s back with a former love rat? Especially since this love rat allegedly had Playboy twins Carla and Melissa Howe give him a lap dance at the Playboy Club in London last Saturday!

Show Cheryl you’re ready for commitment and maybe then she’ll publicly declare her love for you.

Do you think Ashely is right for not wanting to have Cheryl’s kids? Or is this all a little dramatic?

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