Former Big Brother contestant Aden has revealed a wish to marry Rebeckah. The two hit it off in the first week of Big Brother and Aden admitted he struggled when the blonde beauty was evicted in week two.

We can’t help but question whether a relationship between a 28-year-old club hostess and a teenager will work, but Aden seems to think so. Speaking about his new found love, he said

I’ve fallen head over heels for Rebeckah… I definitely want us to get married. Meeting her has been amazing. My family have all met her and they love her too. I want us to move in together – she’s just amazing. It’s going be long-term

Well, we just hope the feeling is mutual. This is the same woman who only a few weeks ago said watching Aden on the show was putting her off. The 19-year-old student went on to say

It was the hardest experience of my life when she left. I didn’t realise I truly loved her until then. I got upset quite a lot and cried in front of people, which isn’t normal for me. That’s how much I love her. I felt completely powerless without her.

Poor old Aden seems smitten and we’re 99.9% sure someone is going to leave this relationship heartbroken.

Do you think Aden and Rebeckah are the real deal?