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Big Brother played an extremely cruel joke on 24-year-old housemate Anton this week. The record producer was made to believe that his single Winner would top the UK single charts.

The housemates were challenged to convince Anton that he had gained chart success in order to win him a dream birthday party.

The record producer was called into the Diary Room on the morning of his 24th birthday and told that his track Winner had been released by a bandmate during his time in the house and is expected to reach number one today.

But Big Brother revealed to the rest of the housemates that the news was fake and they would now have to keep Anton convinced of his chart success.

All will be revealed to Anton in tonight’s episode after he completes a live performance of his track. But we think it’s a pretty mean joke, he’ll be heartbroken when he finds out it was all a game.

Well let’s just hope some record labels are watching his performance tonight, he might just get signed when the show’s over!