When we came across this sizzling picture of Bluey Robinson at the Spirit of London Awards, we looked at his cheeky smile, gorgeous eyes and beautiful dreads, but then realised, he’s wearing the new uniform for men; a pair of chinos and a cap *yawn*

We remember the days when guys had two types of trousers- tracksuit bottoms or jeans. But all has changed and men all over the world have embraced the chino. Now at every occasion, whether it be dinner at Nandos, the cinema, or an award ceremony, men put on these beige/tan/oatmeal coloured trousers and feel liberated! And all the more adventurous guys do is add a snapback *sighs*

But what really matters is what us ladies think, are we bored of seeing guys in chinos?

Give us your verdict girls, are we over chinos yet?