Cheryl Cole is allegedly dating RnB star Taio Cruz after finally realising that Ashley Cole is and always will be a c u next tuesday.

The singer has reportedly been getting close to Taio Cruz, after the pair spent time collaborating on Cheryl’s new album. The two popstars worked with one another back in 2009 and now they’re back in the studio together and both totally single, they’re ready to mingle and more, according to sources. The Geordie lass told friends

Taio is beautiful, caring and so amazing… He gives me the confidence I thought I’d lost. I’m completely clumsy and dippy around him. There’s a lot of sexual tension flying about – it makes going to work really great.

And it seems the feeling is mutual as Taio took to Twitter to share pictures of Cheryl and talk about how great she is.

The Dynamite singer is rumoured to have told Cheryl how he feels about her and if she does decide to become Ms Taio Cruz then he better be prepared to become one of the most photographed men in England!

Do you think Taio Cruz is the right guy for Cheryl Cole?